Getting someone out of jail does not require a salesman. All you need is advice and knowledge about the bail bond process, as well as the most effective strategy to secure someone's release from detention. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, it is essential to have a certified, competent, and knowledgeable bail bondsman by your side. They will guide you through the process swiftly and effectively.

At Fausto's Bail Bonds, we have been operating successfully for over 20 years. With our extensive experience, we have encountered and handled every possible scenario, having facilitated numerous bail bonds. Our team possesses the expertise and competence to guide you through this challenging period.

Many defense attorneys and former clients willingly refer their friends and clients to us because they know we provide individual attention and treat everyone with the utmost respect. Take a moment to learn about us, our range of services, available financing options, and other factors that make us the ideal option for securing your loved one's early release from police custody.

We have local bail bond agents in Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the entire Southern California area. Contact us at 855-328-7867.

Why Hire Us

Before making the first call, make sure you have all the necessary details to make an informed decision. With that being said, you can trust Fausto’s Bail Bonds for the following reasons:


A professional bail bond firm will act as a resource, providing direction and details rather than pushing their services on you. You can reach us at Fausto's Bail Bonds by phone at 855-328-7867. Our phone line is open 24/7 for your convenience. Additionally, the qualified professionals who work on our helpline can give you accurate information about the accused person's status in custody.

A professional bail bondsman will provide you with clear and concise answers to any queries you may have, whether they concern the next stage or the explanation of legal language.

Professional Services

A good bail bondsman is experienced, professional, polite, and straightforward. We welcome all inquiries, concerns, and other experiences you might have when your loved one is behind bars. An experienced and reliable bail bond firm can provide much-needed relief during this trying time. At Fausto's Bail Bonds, we possess the expertise, knowledge, honesty, speed, and professionalism that you require.

Peace of Mind

It is a dreadful feeling to be confined to a loved one or oneself due to a lack of timely guidance. At Fausto's Bail Bonds, we eliminate the possibility.

Our expert guidance offers a sense of tranquility that surpasses what a salesperson or staff member can provide. It is comforting to know that you or your loved one is in capable hands when working with an experienced company like Fausto's Bail Bonds.

Availability and Speed

A reliable bail bonds company should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having access to prompt and simple jail release aid is crucial because arrests can happen at any time.

Look for bail bond companies that are available to assist you at all times, including holidays and weekends. Fausto's Bail Bonds understands that arrests can happen even on holidays or during the late hours of the night. That's why our phone lines are always staffed by professionals who are ready to assist you in obtaining information about your arrest and guiding you through the discharge procedure.

Call us at 855-328-7867 if you need a bail bondsman, and you'll see how we stand out from the competition.

No Hidden or Extra Fees

Unreliable bail bond companies often cover up additional costs or possible premiums during the bail process. Additionally, they may provide "bait and switch" discount offers to attract your attention, then follow up to charge you extra or with hidden fees.

Other companies tend to charge these costs, but Fausto's Bail Bonds does not.

  • Annual Premiums: You will be charged an extra cost if the case remains open for longer than one year.
  • Resumption of Liability: Certain businesses may charge for the Resumption of Liability letter if you unintentionally miss your court date and need to reschedule.
  • Rewrite Fees: Many bail bond companies could charge you a rewrite fee if your initial bail is revoked and you need to reapply for bail.
  • Court Appearance Fees: Many bail bond agencies will charge you for their legal assistance.

Fausto's Bail Bonds don't require any additional payments, hide fees, or impose any unfair financial conditions on their clients. The bail bond agency is open and honest regarding any costs and payments you may be required to make. We generally don't charge for errors that are unintentional and frequently make an appearance in court hearings for free.

You will only be required to pay the cost of the premium specified in the signed agreement documents. These are the mandated fees required by the Department of Insurance.

We would be pleased to take a moment and go over every detail of the bail contract with you if you have any questions or concerns about the nature of the costs or any other provision of the contract. We'll clarify every legal phrase so you won't be caught off guard later on.

High-Respected Bail Bonds Company, Not Just Licensed

A bail license only certifies that an individual is authorized to post a bond at the detention center. It does not imply a specific level of qualification or experience. Building a reputation, gaining experience, and earning trust take time for a bail bondsman. Therefore, it is important to feel comfortable with the bail bond company and ask plenty of questions before moving forward.

Our A++ credentials and licensure can be found on California's Department of Insurance's web page, and our public ratings on Yelp, Google, and Yahoo are acceptable. When it comes to bail bond companies, reputation is everything. Fausto's Bail Bonds maintains a strong and respected presence in Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the entire Southern California area.

With a track record of serving over 10,000 clients and nearly a decade of experience in the industry, we have established an unparalleled reputation for our integrity and competence. Additionally, our extensive network of professional contacts further enhances the quality of our services.

Customer Service

Our customers have, for many years, expressed their contentment with our services on review websites such as Yelp and Google reviews. Fausto's Bail Bonds has an impeccable reputation and goes above and beyond for each client, as attested to by defense lawyers.

Additionally, we go above and beyond with all the information we give you. The process of getting arrested can be hard to understand, scary, and tiring, so we'll present it to you in a way that you can comprehend. We will take the time to explain the entire procedure to you and your loved ones, making sure that everyone is as relaxed and comfortable as possible. We ensure that every case receives the time and consideration it requires and deserves.

Our Mission

Fausto's Bail Bonds is an endeavor driven by passion. We strive to be a better bail bonds company by paying attention to our clients rather than just making profits, and it is working. Our clients are our top priority. We are committed to supporting those who are mentally challenged. We have also made an effort to improve the bail industry. This makes it more important for us to keep expanding in tandem with the various projects we support. Our services go beyond simply getting you out of jail. We can also assist you in getting back up on your feet after a setback.

How We Can Help

We are here to support you through any circumstance, whether you need to turn yourself in, have already been arrested, or are about to be arrested. We have local bail bondsmen in Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the entire Southern California area. They are available 24/7, regardless of your location.

We understand that arrests can happen at any time, whether it's a work night, weekend, or holiday. That's why we're here to assist you whenever you need us. Our agents are strategically located in Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the entire Southern California area to ensure the quickest and most seamless release of your loved one.

At Fausto's Bail Bonds, our dedicated agents are available by phone and are ready to travel to any location, day or night. Our extensive network of active bail bond agents consists of highly skilled professionals who are ready to expedite the release process.

What Happens After An Arrest

After being arrested, the accused will be transported to the local detention facility. Once arrested, the accused will be transported to the local detention facility, where the booking takes place at the county or local detention center.

The following steps take place during the booking process:

  • Verification of identity.
  • Mug shots or photographs.
  • Taking fingerprints.
  • Property Inventory.
  • Formal charges.
  • Determination of bail.

The duration of the booking process, also referred to as the receiving process, can vary from two to five hours depending on the location. Once the booking process is completed, we can proceed with posting the bond, enabling the defendant to initiate the discharge procedure.

The release process can take anywhere from three to eight hours, and sometimes even longer, depending on the activities. This timeframe may vary, but it begins once the bond has been posted. If the accused person is being held in one of the local detention centers, he or she will be released as soon as the bail amount is posted.

While we do get involved early in the arrest procedure, our main goal is to ensure that all scheduled court appearances are attended. To fulfill their duty to the court, the defendant should attend every scheduled court appearance. Failure to do so will result in the court canceling the bond and issuing an arrest warrant for the defendant. If the bail deposit is forfeited, an arrest warrant will likely be issued for the defendant.

Determination of Bail Amount Using Bail Schedules

In California, you could either be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. There are several distinct classes under each of these categories. Crimes are classified as misdemeanors or felonies based on the nature and gravity of the offense.

Some of the commonly filed charges include, but are not limited to:

  • Assault.
  • Theft.
  • Battery.
  • Driving While under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Possessing stolen property.
  • Possession of a concealed weapon.
  • Sex crimes.
  • Possession of drugs or paraphernalia.
  • Armed Robbery.
  • Manslaughter.
  • Terrorism.

The bail amount for these charges remains the same regardless of the severity of the crime. Police and sheriffs utilize an annual uniform bail schedule to determine the amount of bail for an arrestee. Cash bail is often used to cover small bail amounts worth $1,000 or less.

However, you can bypass acquiring a bail bond and post the total cash bail yourself directly to the detention center. A cashier's check payable to the court is required, and it can only be processed during regular banking hours.

Any money deposited at the detention facility will be held until your case is fully resolved, which could take months or even several years. It is often a safer, quicker, and better financial option to post a bail bond.

Bail could also be revoked if the court determines that the accused person poses a risk of escape or poses a threat to the public or themselves. If you want to find out if bail has been set for your loved one, you can contact us anytime.

Types of Bail Bonds

There are different kinds of bail bonds available, regardless of where you are.

  • Property bonds— these involve real estate that is offered as collateral and serves as a guarantee to the legal system. The court can issue a lien on a residential property with enough equity to repay the total bail amount as collateral.
  • Cash bail—this usually involves bail deposited in the form of cash by the defendant directly to the detention facility. When the entire bail sum is paid to the court up front, it is kept as security until the matter is resolved.
  • Citation release bonds—a citation release bond is issued to anyone who has ever received a ticket. They are only issued at the citing officer's discretion.
  • Own recognizance release—this releases you from detention in exchange for a straightforward commitment to show up for court hearings on the scheduled dates. Used mostly for those with little to no criminal history and less serious offenses.

There are various rules, demands, and processes depending on the type of bond you choose. As a newcomer to the system, you may not be fully equipped to comprehend everything and handle the bail procedures without potentially becoming misinformed or confused.

An experienced bail bond agent can assist you in choosing the most suitable type of bond for your specific situation. They can also provide advice and explain your options. We will ensure that you select the most affordable discharge option with the best value.

We legally handle bail and provide reliable advice. In situations where a property bond may be more advantageous than a bail bond due to its lower cost and lack of time restrictions, we recommend taking this course of action. If the offender is in custody and needs to leave immediately, we highly recommend a bail bond, as it is the fastest way to secure their release from jail.

At Fausto's Bail Bonds, we specialize in assisting you through each unique situation, ensuring prompt and expert completion of the task. You can always rely on us for efficient and reliable service. Professional bail bond companies are the best resource for guidance on how to proceed, regardless of whether you're looking for a surety bond or a cash bond.

What to Do If an Arrest Warrant Is Issued Against You

If you learn that a warrant for your arrest has been issued, you can contact us immediately. We may be able to help prevent your arrest.

Even if you feel the urge to reach out to someone you care about at that moment, they may not be able to help. However, we are here for you. If possible, we can delve into the details of the arrest warrant and guide you through the legal system to prevent you from being taken into custody.

In addition to setting up a face-to-face meeting, we can also communicate via email and phone. Depending on the circumstances, we can post your bail directly at the county courts, avoiding the need for you to be taken to detention. If not, we can reduce the amount of time you have to spend in detention.

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